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Yes, Kol Yismehu is the voice of Yismehu, and the voice of all those it brings together. So students, family members, professionals, donors, and visitors—you are all invited to linger here. Read the articles, submit a comment, ask a question, tell as story, pose a solution—but most of all, get involved.


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“…Yismehu’s mission is to ease the way. To provide resources for blind and visually impaired Jews and interested non-Jews to access our ancient texts…”   read more   

Jewish community life is as broad and rich as Judaism itself. Family and Festivals, study and worship, history and food—all of these connect us to our heritage and to one another.  

However, because we are known as “the People of the Book”, familiarity with Hebrew and Jewish texts is essential. You will find that demonstrating the ability to stand together with your congregation during prayer and to read the ancient Hebrew for yourself is both personally exhilarating and inspiring to others. It is an affirmation of who we are as Jews, and of each Jew’s place with Moses at Mt. Sinai.  

Also, because Hebrew is a living language, learning modern Hebrew can deepen one’s Jewish identity. It not only strengthens cultural ties with other Hebrew speakers throughout the world; it enables independent communication when traveling to Israel.   

Read about Yismehu in the St. Louis Jewish Light, between Chelsea Clinton and tomatoes.